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Part Request
Part Request


We can process any Chevy, Ford, Dodge, or Toyota part requests in a really fast and efficient way. If you’re having a hard time trying to locate your part on your own, fill out the form below and we can find you the exact one you need! All you have to do is give us a call and one of our expert auto dismantling experts will locate it for you.

We are the only auto wrecking yard in Sacramento that specializes in Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota parts. We are extremely confident that we will be able to find and supply the car part that you need from what we have in our inventory and if we don’t have it in stock, you can simply put a request in for and we’ll find it for you!

We have a system that’s extremely user-friend and convenient to use where you can look up the car part by inputting all of the information on the form. If you have the vin number, that would be extremely helpful too.

It’s important that you remember that the car part you requests will be certified and back by our warranty!

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